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Website design in Vietnam, Vietnam arrests three over porn websites

Police have arrested three people for running a pornographic in Ho Chi Minh City on Wednesday, according to Ministry of Public Security investigators.

One of the sites,, was launched in 2008 offering free downloads of normal mainstream films. It was created by a man known only as “N.”

After two months of ineffective operation, “N” announced plans to sell the domain when his two co-defendants proposed to add adult content to the site.

Sex clips and videos were included the following year when the websites administrators decided they wanted to attract more visitors, investigators said, adding that it received between 70,000 and 100,000 hits a day.

In August 2009, the trio set up a company, Aviva Media Joint Stock Company, in order to provide registered invoices to their customers and to operate another website, phimvang,vn with the same content.

Investigators said that, by March 10, the website had 100,000 members. It received 150,000 hits a day.

According to VnExpress news website, the trio earned up to VND30 million (US$1,500) a month for running the site - the equivalent of around 18 months average salary in Vietnam.

Investigators have shut down the website and are continuing their investigation into the operation.

In December 2009, the Ho Chi Minh City Peoples Court handed jail terms of up to two years to four men for running a pornographic website that attracted around 100,000 hits a day.

The men were found guilty of “disseminating debauched cultural products” by the city Peoples Court.

Nguyen Tang Truong, 26, claimed in court that he established the website mocxi,com with the initial aim of providing sex education to teenagers.

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We have expertise in developing website and seo services. We believes that web design is an art apart and most of the web design companies in the world and even Vietnam are over-priced. after the website attracted a lot of visits, he turned it into a pornography site and earned between $200 and $400 a month from advertising revenues, Truong said.

He then hired Lam Duong Hieu, 29, Tong Anh Hoang, 57, and Nguyen Do Cong, 30, as administrators to help him manage the website.

The website was shut down in November 2008.

Producing and distributing pornography is a crime that can carry a jail term of up to 15 years in Vietnam.

More and more people are surfing the Web on their mobile devices so having a responsive site, or a design that works with all resolutions, is ideal.

6. Save Your Money

Unless you need a very customized design, there's no need to spend thousands of dollars on web design.

I cringe when I hear people say they spent thousands of dollars for a basic WordPress website. Yikes!

The only thing you really should pay for is your domain name, hosting (WordPress comes free with paid hosting) and perhaps a premium WordPress theme like Genesis.

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 10 Things Web Designers Should Know to Become a Master

is truly a nice feeling to be called a ‘Master’ at something. It gives value to your name, talent and  skills. In addition to that, people will begin respecting you because of what you know about the field that you are an expert in. Truly, being called a master adds weight to your name, but there is more to value than just the name. What things web designers should know is vital here.

As a master, you are afforded the respect you want because of WHAT YOU KNOW. No one is ever called a master without superior knowledge and experience in the field he is a master in. He should be knowledgeable, well-versed and well-bruised in battle.

It is in that sense that we have compiled this list of things a master should know. Now for those budding web designers out there, here’s your chance to guide yourself towards achieving the master status. At the very least, because of this list, you will know where to go and which path to take. Meanwhile, for experienced web designers, this is your chance to assess yourself and ask, “Am I really a master?” So without much ado, let’s start the list.

A Master Should Know What the Web is and How It Works

Url address

The Web is the primary reason why you are a web designer. In fact, it is the main explanation why there is a web designing profession in the first place. Without the Web, you have nothing to stand, develop and do. The whole existence of your work lies in the existence of this vast collection of data. Without it, you’re nothing.

That is why, as a master web designer, you should understand how the Web works. He needs to know how it moves and changes, where it came from and where will it go. For it is only through this understanding that you will learn and predict how the trends will go in the future. Mastering what the changes to the Web are each year will at least give you a hint where will it go.

Master this

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you will find the world of web design easier to navigate.

Amylove32 of WikiAnswers gives a very good point:

    A designer needs to understand the Web from an accessibility standpoint. The designer needs to know what needs to be implemented and design accordingly to enable various accessibility features for things such as screen readers and text to speech software.

A designer wouldn’t want to design an entire site in Flash for a website whose audience is the blind folks, because Flash is not that readily accessible by various software. Granted, there are ways to make Flash accessible with smaller Flash components embedded into an already existing website, but it’s not really possible to do so when the entire site is in a Flash file.

A designer also needs to understand how the web works in regards to advertising, where appropriate, so that they will understand where it is appropriate and where it is best to put one. Also, it will help with determining how to design space for ads when you know how it will work on the Web through rotation, sizing, popups, or other various methods for ads. Also, when a designer understands much more past the face value of a website (the design), it can open up a whole new set of creative ideas to implement into the website.

A designer would have base knowledge of what is possible in terms of design vs.programming.

A Master Web Designer Should Learn HTML by Heart

Despite the continuing debate on whether web designers should learn how to code, I still believe that web designers need to learn basic HTML at